We make some decisions every day - whether it's important business decisions or what we're going to eat for lunch today. Every decision we make has certain consequences. You must have found yourself in a situation where a wrong decision affected the unfavorable result of your business, and I believe that you made some good decisions, but the results may have been weaker than you expected.

However, why is this so? Where did you go wrong? The answer is very simple: you didn't have a good plan! Or you didn't have it at all.

We cannot influence some things in life, but with good planning we can predict them.

What is planning and how to learn it?

Planning is both a process and a skill. A large number of successful people, who, among others, are my motivation and role model, make a daily plan.
You can prepare in advance for positive and negative outcomes. And the most important thing, planning provides a feeling of freedom, the feeling that you hold the strings in your hands.

Planning is not always easy to learn. Until I had a clear plan and vision, there was great disorder and disorganization in my business. I started to feel frustrated and powerless. Even though I still often follow my instincts, I don't just rely on my gut feeling. For successful business and positive results, planning is essential.

How to plan and what methods are there?

There are various methods and ways of planning itself. From a simple TO DO list, all the way to complex software tools for planning.

But why would she write down her plans at all? Often what is in our head is not the same as when we put it on paper. On paper, it looks much more serious and creates a sense of responsibility for our actions.
The goal of planning is to save time when completing certain tasks, but the plan does not have to be perfect. Put on paper what you want to achieve or do. A big advantage is that written plans can be revised at any moment, and we don't even have to follow them blindly. It is important to get an overview of what can happen and to react to certain situations in a timely manner.

You should not take failure personally. He happens. But you probably predicted it by planning.

In addition to saving valuable time by planning, you feel:

more freely
more focused
more organized
more energetic
more creative
more successful

How do I plan and which method works for me?

Regardless of which method works best for you, it's important to take the time to write your plans. As I already wrote, it doesn't have to be perfect, but it should help you organize and be realistic.
Sometimes I find myself in a situation where some things are simply not given to me. I just can't finish the task I started. I have found a planning method that works great for me.

At the beginning of the year, I write a rough annual plan, which I elaborate and detail every now and then. Every step taken, or every task completed, motivates me to continue. At the end of the year, I have a written record of what I have achieved during the year. Sometimes our successes seem insufficient, but believe me when you have that plan in front of you, you are simply satisfied with what you have achieved.

Planning does not always have to be difficult and tiring. As an idea to make it fun and inspiring, they were created inspiration cards with a weekly planner. Each card contains an inspirational message, while on the back you can write a short note.

Nisha Inspirational Cards with Planner

If you need more space and want to devote yourself in detail to your plan, look for the appropriate one unique schedule from our collection.