Hello my dears, I hope you are well and ready for a new guest in my Real Women.

Today I hosted a wonderful, creative, positive, but wonderful woman, Valentina Šeb, owner of the Odeata brand, who makes those wonderful cups from which I enjoy drinking my favorite cup of coffee and tea every day. Valentina is one of those people with whom you click the first time, open, honest, warm and she is our dear client, who applies writing every day and that was the reason for our conversation.
She talks about how she got started, what inspires and moves her, what her day looks like.

Sanja: How did you find your passion?

Valentina: I have always loved creating with my hands, I like when something is created that is tangible.
When I came into contact with clay, I discovered how powerful it is as a medium for expressing creativity, and it delighted me.

Sanja: How did you decide to start doing what you are doing today?

Valentna: I didn't plan it. I started with ceramics as a hobby that I enjoyed and with which I had the intention of filling my free time, but as I gradually entered that world, business opportunities began to appear. I felt an increasing sense of security and self-confidence, from which I gained the insight that it is possible to do what you love and build a business from it.
So I decided to turn my 'passion' into a business.

Sanja: Your job is not "usual". What would you say to women who want to start something new and who want to follow their passion?

Valentina: I would tell women who want to start something new and follow their passion to do it right away. The very desire or need for something new means that the old has served its purpose and reached its capacity. We are creative beings with a need to fulfill and explore life. Creation is a basic human need, and if in some area we have created everything we could and gave everything we had, and at the same time there is a passion for another interest, I see no reason why we should not follow our passion. Life is too short and only one to not make the most of it. I support any woman who makes the decision to ignite her spark, it's not always easy, but if we do what we love challenges are opportunities for growth.

Sanja: How do you manage your time?

Valentina: No matter how hard I tried to be strict about time management, I realized that it was impossible for me, so I decided to take a free approach.
to that.
As a female entrepreneur, time management is an important item both in business and in private life, but as I often find myself in a situation under the influence of extraordinary situations, I gave
you are flexibility. I always manage to solve the main tasks, and if I don't get something done in the given time, I reorganize and solve things according to priorities. In the end, everything works out.

Sanja: How do you achieve a balance between work and family and time for yourself?

Valentina: I achieve a balance between work and family by separating one from the other and setting priorities. One of the advantages of owning your own business is the possibility of customization
working time and organization of private and business obligations according to priorities.

Sanja: How do you start your day and what is important to you in life?

Valentina: I wake up at six before everyone in the house, I do morning meditation and exercises, then with tea or coffee I have a daily ritual of writing micro goals in my diary.
Um, a lot of things are important to me in life. But if I have to single out something, it would be family.

Sanja: You write every day, why did you choose Nisha's diary to write? What do you like about him?

Valentina: I act instinctively in life. When I first saw it on social networks
The Nisha brand gave me a ́wow ́ effect. In a sea of diaries and planners, the Nisha diary instantly touches my core. I have to have my Nisha diary and that's it. The design and quality of the diary is of unquestionable value, and in the hands you can feel the energy of love and commitment to the idea and concept of the brand.
I affectionately call it a ́celebratory diary ́, I take it out at special moments and write only the main things in it, which are life goals and everything I'm grateful for.

Sanja: What would be your message to women, what helped you in your life to live the fulfilling life you live today?

Valentina: Everything happens for a reason, everything comes at the right time and in the right place. Personally, I love reading and jotting down different quotes, and a few moments before I got ready for this interview, I received a quote in my mail, I dare say, because of this last question, and it goes like this: No one is perfect – that's why pencils have erasers.

That's why Dear Women: write, make mistakes, erase, cross, underline, erase and write again, but write, be persistent and write your life according to your own standards, that's why you are here.
Thank you, my dear Valentina, for a wonderful and inspiring conversation.
Thank you all for reading us this week.

Stay beautiful, healthy, happy and creative!