In today's conversation, my Real Woman is Dušica Žišković – friend, client, creative whose jewelry beautifies and enhances the fashion combinations of many women.
Dušica is one of those women with whom you feel great; always positive, smiling, warm.

Sanja: Hello my dear Soul! At the very beginning, please introduce yourself briefly, who is Dušica?

Dušica: My name is Dušica, I am 44 years old and I live in Čakovec. I love life in every sense of the word and I know that it is our day to live it to the best of our ability. I am surrounded by family and dear friends whom I love and spend all my free time with them. Next to me is my cat Mila, to whom I gave a home seven years ago, and she stole my heart. I love music and long walks in nature, from which I draw inspiration for my work. I make unique jewelry with colors that determine their own path and I enjoy it.

Sanja: Speaking of work, you have achieved what may seem impossible to some. You started a business, which is not "usual". How did you get started and what does your job mean to you?

Dušica: I found my passion back in 2002 when I started working in a store with recycled materials and fell in love with creative creation and expression. In 2002, I started with various seminars in order to better know my way around the sea of creative possibilities and realized that jewelry is the direction in which I want to improve. All those years I made jewelry as a hobby. Jewelry became in demand and I decided to take the step to turn my hobby into a business. I quit my safe job and started the adventure of a lifetime. I haven't regretted it for a second and that makes me happy.
Just the other day I said that the shortest definition of happiness is contained in one sentence and it reads: "Follow your heart, it knows the way." This is what I would say to all women who are involved in something and are not sure about the correctness of their decision. Stop, think and listen to your heart and soul. I am sure you will make the right decision. Because I said to myself: "Go, Soul. When if not now?"

Sanja: Do you plan your day and how do you "deal" with the challenges of working from home?

Dušica : It seems simple, but sometimes it is difficult to manage your time. I knew that it would be a trap of private business, work from home or popularly called "your own boss". From the first day, I write down my plans on an annual, quarterly and monthly level, and the most important to me are the weekly and daily plans. Of course, they are subject to change, but there is no day without a written business plan planned literally on the clock.

It is precisely because of a good business plan that I achieve everything. Family and friends are important to me and I don't want anyone to suffer because of my business. I don't want to be without them either, because they are my support, support, love, so with good organization I can achieve everything.

Support, love and understanding are important to me, and we have that for each other.

Sanja: What does your day look like and do you have your daily rituals and what inspires and moves you in the day?

Dušica: I start the day with the meow of Mila. She is my natural alarm clock. After that, I make coffee, turn on some soft music and start the day with gratitude. I think of everyone and everything I want to thank for. I remember the situations that happened, that I want to happen. I am thankful for everything I have and don't have. Gratitude is a miracle.

I don't have any special routines in the day, but I like to take care of my skin, which I devote myself especially to the care of my soul, which I feed with little things. Not a day goes by without me having lunch and coffee with my parents, whom I thank for the gift of life. Mandatory walk in nature and later writing down thoughts, goals, ideas...

Maybe it will sound like a platitude, but really in life I just want to be healthy and happy just like everyone I love. Let there be health, and we write the definition of happiness ourselves anyway.

Sanja: I know that you write a lot and that you like to write everything down in your notebook Nisha notes. Why did you choose Nisha notebooks?

Dušica: I chose Nisha notebooks first because I support the creative work of my friends.
Besides, it's really important to me how it looks Nisha notes is pleasing to my eye.
It is handmade, natural and can be personalized, which is wonderful. Having a personalized diary in which you open your heart - is there anything more beautiful?
In the sea of diaries, I choose Nisha because she is unique.
I have known the owner of the brand for many years and know that she weaves a part of herself into each diary. It means a lot.

Sanja: Thank you, Sweetheart, for taking the time and inspiring conversation. Finally, please, what would be your message to all those women who want to start something of their own or change something in their life?

Dušica: My message to women so that they can all find themselves in it?
I often say this in my work with the jewelry I make: Really follow your heart,
your dreams.
Be smiling and happy, unique and authentic. Don't think about what others think about you, because your life is only yours and it is in your hands.
Live it the way you want.
Each of us is unique and deserves only the best.
Live the life!

You can view Dušica's work at: Zvir by Duši