Our creative workshop has produced a special gift for you and your loved ones.

A special, luxurious, Nisha gift box that was created in the desire to combine the love for the beautiful, unique, personalized, with self-love, personal growth and love and attention to the nature that surrounds us.

This exclusive Nisha gift box contains:

- personalized Nisha diary - personalized according to your wishes (color, design and inscription as desired)

– an elegant golden ballpoint pen for writing down your most beautiful moments (with an additional refill for the ballpoint pen, so you can enjoy writing for as long as possible)

– a bookmark made of handmade, recycled paper with a personalized message, which contains the seeds of a flower, which you take care of when you plant it, 

you water it, you help it blossom in all its beauty

– a personalized letter

– greeting card by Nisha design

 At the same time as you write your story, your goals, you observe how your story grows, how you grow and how your dreams and goals grow.

This box is a symbol of the beginning of something new, beautiful, it is a symbol of growth.

By writing down everyday, we create new moments, new experiences to remember.

When you want to express love, gratitude or you want to reward yourself, this special gift is a gift that sends the message that every day is a special occasion and that every story is worth writing down.

You can order your Nisha gift box in our web shop, and for any additional questions feel free to contact us by email:

You were created to grow, to blossom and to enjoy the wonderful process of existence.

Your Nisha