About us


Since 2017

Nisha's story begins in 2017, when I myself started writing my life story.
My guiding thought was to create something special, different, with which every user of our diary, by writing it down, will weave a thread of love for themselves, the people around them, and live as many moments in the day as possible in gratitude, awareness, and love.
I wanted to create something special, magical, and that's how the first diary was created. Later, I upgraded and refined it, and today it is like this, unique, special, a diary with a soul - as you often call it.
A diary in which, recording beautiful moments, memories and your thoughts, you write down your life stories, because I believe that each of us is special and that everyone has their own story that is worth writing down. Life shows us every day that every day is a special occasion, that we don't have to wait for special occasions or dates in order to express love and gratitude to ourselves or our loved ones.

One of the basic values of our brand is quality, trust and uniqueness, because when you buy a Nisha diary, you can be sure that each one is different and unique, like each of us, that it is made of quality recycled paper and quality materials. That each one is packed so that when you receive it, you feel special.

By creating personalized diaries, with an individual approach to each of our clients, we want you to feel the way you deserve, especially.

Love, beauty, nature and design is what inspires us every day, that's why we have expanded our collection of diaries, personalized diaries, with inspirational posters, greeting cards and inspirational cards with a weekly planner.
Surrounding yourself with good people, beautiful things, being good to yourself and the people around you, appreciating every moment of the day, are the messages we send with each of our products, our posts and our story.

n – natural
and – inspiring
s – seraphic
h – heartfelt
a - art


Handmade from recycled paper

Why do we make them by hand? Because we believe above all in quality, in tradition and the power of human creativity and energy in creation.
During production, we pay attention to the quality of materials and paper, to the quality of production, and we pay attention to every detail during production, and each of our diaries is made with a lot of love and attention.

To offer you something special and different, we can create a personalized diary for you, with your favorite quote and/or name on the cover of the diary.


Nisha gift box

What to give as a gift today, when with the click of the mouse literally in a minute we can order whatever we want... but what to give to be different, luxurious, personalized, special...
that the person to whom we give a gift feels how much it means to us... these thoughts were our guiding thread when we created the Nisha gift box.

What's in the box?
– personalized Nisha diary
– a bookmark made of handmade recycled paper with flower seeds, which you can plant and follow its growth, which symbolizes our personal growth through recording
(in the box you also get sowing instructions)
– an elegant metallic ballpoint pen in golden color (with refill)
– a personalized letter

You get it all wrapped in fine black paper with a wax seal, in a black box with a satin bow, a personalized card or a card of our design.

We want the pages of your journals to be filled with your creative thoughts, life goals, amazing ideas and wonderful moments.