Our brand Nisha offers the creation of handmade, unique and personalized notebooks, and they can also include your company's logo. Such a Nishin notebook can be a gift for event guests, your employees and their various life occasions. 

With an individual approach to each of our clients, we want you to feel the way you deserve, especially. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail during production and our notebooks are made with a lot of love and care.

What we attach special importance to is environmentally friendly paper, so all notebooks are made of 100 percent recycled brown paper and painted with natural colors.

Personalized notebook, made according to your wishes

Each notebook is imported using a traditional hand sewing technique, and the inscription is printed using a screen printing technique. It has a hard cover and binding.

Printing quotes, slogans of your company, whatever inscription you want can be in calligraphy, some simple font or a combination.
The covers of the notebooks are painted with acrylic paints, gold paste and the so-called embossing powder, which gives each notebook a special dose of luxury and finesse.

You can choose between black, cream, soft pink and soft blue colors and the notebook has 210 pages.

The importance of writing

There are many benefits of writing, and every entrepreneur knows that there is no successful business without notes, writing down thoughts and goals. Although today we all strive for reminders in digital format, using apps and the like, nothing can replace a note or idea written by hand in Nisha's notebooks.

Inspirational cards

We all know how important motivation is in work, and also how much we sometimes lack it. Whether you want to be motivated or inspired, we suggest inspiration cards with a weekly planner for each workspace or as a decoration on your dresser or shelf.

Considering that on the back of each card there is a weekly planner for writing down important events of the day or for writing down reminders, they can also be a good idea for a gift to clients or colleagues. The set with cards also includes a metal mini stand, handmade. The set contains 17 cards, measuring 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm.

To cry

Posters with motivational quotes or greeting cards can also be an ideal gift for your co-worker, colleague, client, and you can also decorate your workspace with them.

Sometimes just one look at such a poster is enough to brighten up even the most difficult day and remind you of what is really important.

Packaging of our products

We pay special attention to product packaging so that you receive a finished gift package ready for giving. We also use recycled paper here.

We hope that the pages of your notebook will be filled with creative thoughts, life goals and amazing ideas.

Keep in mind that you can also reward yourself with Nisha's notebook with your company's logo! We are sure you deserve it! This gives you credit for everything you have done so far, builds self-confidence and motivates you to move on.

You can order all Nisha personalized products in the web shop, and for all additional inquiries and information, write to us at: